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Earrings from our Seed collection. This pair of petite earrings take the abstract shape of a flower. Set with cultivate pink coral in 14K yellow gold, this pink earring dainty jewelry is the perfect match for all skin tone! Coral are set with exclusive design “Kebab set”. This is it for you if you love petite and unique jewelry, perfect gift for her!

Metal 14K yellow gold / AU 585
Gemstone Coral : Japan cultivated* Pink with orange-hint; 8 pieces, 2ct total
*cultivated coral means coral are man-breed. It have the identical organic composition as natural coral and retaining the same beauty. They are not harvested from natural coral reef, does not damage the reefs and environment

Size & Fit
Size 9 X 9mm (height & width)
Wear standard 12 gauge ear pin

Majade, Hong Kong

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