"My jewelry is about a joy for life and a timeless beauty"

Paloma Picasso

Our Story

Moddlinc was founded by the discovery of hidden talented jewelry designers out there with brilliant gold & diamond pieces, that required time and search efforts to discover and gather info about. Moddlinc is to be your destination to find something rare, exclusive and luxury with the sense of abroad city.

You can shop solid gold and authentic diamonds which are unique to the ones around the corner in one place, with personal story of the designer and the inspiration you get from each piece and each city it comes from. More than just Gold & Diamond.

Moddlinc is for who are looking for rareness, exclusivity and are curious to meeting new cultures and people at the same time, who are open to travel and try new things, as we give you the opportunity to wear the luxury and limited designs from the luxury jewelrs from different cities around the world. Wear jewelry out of the box.


Offering a wide range of handmade pieces from independent designers with different backgrounds and stories. Shop from designer's studio and customize your own piece and have it shipped to you exclusively from the designers studio.

From beautiful statement pieces to sentimental gifts, MODDLINC is a perfect online destination to meet your jewelry needs, offering unique designs.

Why Moddlinc?

With Moddlinc you have the opportunity to shop undiscovered pieces and wear unique jewelry made by independent talented designers from other countries. With authentic metals and stones used by designers you can make the right decision of wearing unique and authentic jewelry.

We make sure your experience with Moddlinc satisfies all your desires and matches your expectations. With Moddlinc you can customize your piece based on your style, smooth ordering process and have your piece shipped to you safe and shinning. All fine jewelry are shipped insured via DHL and FedEx.